8 Ways to Save the Planet: For Parents

Donate unused clothing and other items

Rather than throwing away unused clothing and items that are in good shape, consider donating them to your local church, Goodwill, or other charity. Many charities will even work with you to schedule a pick-up time.

Never litter, even when peers do it

Teach your children never to litter, even if they see their friends littering. Encourage them to be proud of keeping the environment clean!

Celebrate the spirit of giving

At each holiday, ask your child to donate one old toy for each new toy received.

Choose re-usable containers for lunch Money Saver!

Use a lunch box or insulated cooler for lunch in lieu of a paper or plastic sack.

Cut your vampire power! Money Saver!

Vampire Power: Not Dracula, but the home electronics we leave on standby: TV, printer, DC re-chargers and converters… they cost you and the country almost $100 million worth of WASTED electricity each year.

Recycle everything you can! Money Saver!

You benefit either directly or when local taxes are kept lower by reduced disposal costs.

Turn your trash into crafts!

Okay, so that doesn't really rhyme- but use popsicle sticks, newspapers, used office paper, etc. for craft projects.

Steer-clear of flushable wipes

They can cause severe issues in septic systems, and as they fragment, they will release microscopic fragments of plastic. These join an estimated 86 tonnes of microplastics released into the environment every year in the UK from facial exfoliants alone.

The Marine Conservation Society has seen a 400% increase in wet wipes found along the British coast over the past decade. Source: The Guardian

There are "eco" wet wipes which claim to be compostable however it's best to use these sparingly, as you don't want to overload a normal compost bin.

In the end, "flushable" bathroom wipes are usually anything but (puns intended).