6 Ways to Save the Planet: While Driving

Although its best to walk, ride a bike or use mass-transit whenever possible, when you do need to drive, here are some tips to reduce the amount of pollution and fossil fuels your car uses.

Keep your car tuned up Money Saver!

When your car is running more efficiently, it will produce less exhaust. It's also better for your car, which can save you money in the long run!

Keep your tires properly inflated to save gas Money Saver!

Check your tires once a month - you can help save up to save 2M gal fuel per day!

Wheel-alignment Money Saver!

Keep your wheels properly aligned to save your tires. (It's safer too.) Tires that wear unevenly don't last as long.

Drive calmly Money Saver!

Speeding and slamming on the brakes wastes fuel and increases pollution - not to mention your blood pressure!

If purchasing a vehicle with a gas engine... Money Saver!

A smaller engine will result in greater fuel efficiency and less air pollution. Try to avoid add-ons that add weight and/or drag, and avoid using 4-wheel drive unless absolutely necessary. 4-wheel drive reduces fuel efficiency.

Travel light! Money Saver!

Don't keep your car weighed down with lots of stuff you don't need. Bring heavy items into the house when you don't need to travel with then. A lighter vehicle means better fuel efficiency!