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Ways to Save the Planet For Companies

There are countless things that your company can do to be more green - and doing so shows your customers and employees that you care about the community and the environment. (And check with your accountant department - there may be tax benefits for your environmentally friendly choices!) There are 56 eco-friendly choices you can make in this category.

Clean/replace your air filters Easy!
Check your air filters on your ventilation system every month. If you clean them regularly, you won't have to replace them often.
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Turn off your monitors Money Saver!Easy!
If your computers are on a network or need to be left on for remote access and can't be shut down at night, turn off the monitors.
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Choose a computer maufacturer with a recycling policy Easy!
According to a recent study by the National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center, approximately 20.6 million personal computers became obsolete in the U.S. in 1998. Of that number, only 11 percent, or about 2.3 million units, were recycled.
You can also try this: at home But wait, there's more!

Buy unbleached brown coffee filters Easy!
They are going to turn brown anyway, right?
You can also try this: at home

Offer reimbursement for use of public transit Easy!

Don't overheat or overcool Money Saver!Easy!
You'll save an estimated 350 lbs of CO2 and $20 each year per 2 degrees!
You can also try this: at home

Install low-flow aerators to your faucets and shower heads Easy!
Aerators are inexpensive, easy to install and reduce the amount of water wasted. Low-flow shower heads can save an estimated 350 lbs of CO2 per year!
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Make it easy for employees to carpool Easy!
Have a sign up sheet or internal email list so that employees can easily figure out a carpool schedule that will work best for everyone.

Add “green” investments to pension portfolio Easy!
Give your employees the option to support green companies and projects through their pension investments.

Add air-cleaning plants Easy!
Plants not only brighten up a room, they help keep the air clean! Shoot for at least one 4-5 ft plant per 100 square feet.
You can also try this: at school, at work and at home

Recycle/refill printer cartridges Money Saver!Easy!
If you use inkjet printers, buy replacement ink and refill them when they are empty. There are also several programs that will allow you to send in your empty ink and laserjet printer cartrdiges for recycling.
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Sponsor a clothing drive Easy!
Ask your employees to bring in their old usable clothes, or financially sponsor another group's efforts. You'll be setting a great example for your employees and the community, and it may be a tax write-off for you!

Make sure your eco-efforts aren't wasted Easy!
Verify with local waste management that recyclables are truly being recycled.
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Make it easy for your employees to recycle Easy!
Provide on-site recycling bins for office paper, shredded paper, aluminum, bottles, etc.

Adopt-a-Highway Easy!
Consider adopting a section of highway near your company - you'll get great PR out of it, and send a message to the community that you care about the neighborhood.

Organize a company roadside clean-up Easy!

Purchase recycled paper products Easy!
Check out the Earth 911 page for information on buying Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP)
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Cut your vampire power! Money Saver!Easy!
Vampire Power: Not Dracula, but the home electronics we leave on standby: TV, printer, DC re-chargers and converters… they cost you and the country almost $100 million worth of WASTED electricity each year.
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Buy efficient fluorescent light bulbs Money Saver!Easy!
New compact fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy than a standard incandescent - and last about 10 times as long! You'll save an estimated 500 lbs of CO2 and $30 a year!
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Donate unused clothing and other items Easy!
Rather than throwing away unused clothing and items that are in good shape, consider donating them to your local church, Goodwill, or other charity. Many charities will even work with you to schedule a pick-up time.
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Minimize non-biodegradable packaging Money Saver!Easy!
Avoid buying food or household products in plastic or styrofoam containers whenever possible. (They cannot be recycled and do not break down in the environment.)
You can also try this: while shopping

Recycle at the office Money Saver!Easy!
Recycle office and computer paper, cardboard, etc. whenever possible. Use scrap paper for informal notes to yourself and others.
You can also try this: at work

Use only organic fertilizers Easy!
Artificial fertlizers contain many chemicals that aren't good for you OR the environment, and they can contribute to the pollution of the water table. You'll see (and taste!) the difference in your fruits and veggies!
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Replace old equipment with Energy Star certified models Takes some effort!
While it may cost you a little more up-front, you'll long-term benefits in your energy bills.

Install showers for people who walk or bike to work Takes some effort!
Encouraging your employees to be more active and reduce pollution!

Consider laptops over desktops Takes some effort!
Lap top computers for employees use up to 90% less energy than desktop machines.

Install LED exit signs Money Saver!Takes some effort!
They're longer lasting and more energy efficient than conventional exit signs. They cost about $70 to retrofit, and you can save up to $24 per year, per sign, not to mention the maintenance savings.

Recycle everything you can! Money Saver!Takes some effort!
You benefit either directly or when local taxes are kept lower by reduced disposal costs.
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Check the numbers on the bottom of plastic products Takes some effort!
On the bottom of every plastic product, (including body lotion bottles, soda and water bottles, contact lenses, etc.), there is a number printed that corresponds to the kind of plastic used. If there is no number, the item isn't recyclable.
You can also try this: for kids, while shopping, at school, at work and at home But wait, there's more!

Insulate your walls Money Saver!Takes some effort!
Insulating your walls and ceilings can save an estimated 2000 lbs of CO2 per year, and up to 25% of your monthly bills!
You can also try this: at home

Replace your windows with energy-saving models Money Saver!Takes some effort!
New, energy efficient windows can save an estimated 1000 lbs of CO2 per year!
You can also try this: at home

Caulk and weather-strip Takes some effort!
Poor insulation leads to huge amounts of energy - and money - going out the window (and through the walls, etc.) Caulking and weather-stripping can save an estimated 650 lbs of CO2 per year!
You can also try this: at home But wait, there's more!

Sponsor an endangered species Takes some effort!
You can also try this: for teachers

Sponsor a child in a developing country Takes some effort!
You can also try this: at home and for teachers

Print company advertisements on recycled paper & use soy ink Takes some effort!

Offer healthy food choices in the cafeteria Takes some effort!
Be sure to offer choices rich with fruits and veggies, and include vegetarian/vegan selections. Healthier eating means healthier employees, a reduction in obesity and sick-days!

In the cafeteria, offer unbleached and unrefined sugars, flours and grains Takes some effort!

Be green when you clean Takes some effort!
Purchase only eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and avoid/limit disposable cleaning products.
You can also try this: while shopping

Shop green! Buy shade-grown, organic coffee Takes some effort!
Shade coffee provides habitat for birds, bats, butterflies and other wildlife in tropical countries.
You can also try this: at home

Install air filters on your furnace Takes some effort!
Keep the air in your building cleaner - you'd be surprised how our air quality affects our health. The cleaner the air, the healthier your employees will be!

Install energy efficient A/C and heating Money Saver!Takes some effort!
Look for heating and cooling units and systems with a high Energy Star rating. You'll prevent wasted electricity and benefit from big decreases in your monthly energy bills.
You can also try this: at home

Encourage healthy lifestyles Takes some effort!
Offer incentives for employees who bike or walk to work.

Create a walk/bike path Takes some effort!
Your employees will feel better and be healthier for it!

Offer to match your employees donations Takes some effort!
Encourage your employees to give to good causes by setting up a donation matching program for environmental charities.

Plan a community event Takes some effort!
Coordinate an event at work, at your school or within your community that helps raise awareness about environmental issues such as recycling, waste reduction and conservation.
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Install low-flow toilets Money Saver!Takes some effort!
You'll use 1.6 gallons per flush compared to a standard toilet which used 3.5 gallons. For an investment of about $145-$165, you'll see big long-term savings on your water bill.
You can also try this: at home But wait, there's more!

Avoid products made from endangered trees Money Saver!Takes some effort!
For a list of trees on the endangered list, visit the Rainforest Action Network's endangered trees page.
You can also try this: while shopping

Don’t protect the almighty dollar more than the planet For the dedicated
Make sure your dedication to the health of the global ecosystem doesn't take a backseat to your bottom line.

Research vendors environmental practices For the dedicated
Make sure your vendors are committed to environmentally healthy practices. If not, take your business elsewhere.

Support projects that are ecologically sound For the dedicated
For example, deforestation vs. hydroponics

Commit to changing current poor practices For the dedicated
Clean up toxins and other hazards, and make a commitment to never dump waste

If you can’t do the research, fund it For the dedicated

Research alternative forms of energy For the dedicated

Create a prairie or native wetlands on-site For the dedicated
You'll be providing a place for wildlife to thrive and giving your employees a place to unwind during breaks.

Fund the future For the dedicated
Set aside corporate funding for environmental issues: preservation of natural habitats, reduction of fossil fuels, etc.

Make our planet your mission For the dedicated
Commit to a mission statement that involves protection of our natural resources.