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EverydayActivist.Com - everyday steps that everyday people can take to save the earth

General Information
Visit these websites for great information about conserving and protecting the earth and its natural resources

  • Earth 911 - Find a Recycling Center Near You
  • Earth Day
  • Energy Star: Calculate Your Savings
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Jane Goodall Institute
  • New American Dream

    Sustainablity & Global Warming
    Most people on the planet are living lifestyles that are unsustainable - that is, we are using more than the earth can renew. Visit these websites for more information.

  • 20 Simple Steps to Undo Global Warming
  • Earth Day Ecological Footprint Quiz
  • Global Warming: Myth vs. Fact

    Eco-Friendly Gifts
    During the next holiday or birthday, consider buying gifts made from eco-friendly recycled products. Also consider buying from stores that give back to the environment. Supporting environmentally concious businesses is a great way to propel change!

  • Ecology Fund Vacations
  • Gear that Gives
  • Recycled Glass Works

    Join green campaigns to help secure our future.

  • Clean Air For Life
  • Oceans Alive
  • Road Hog Reduction Campaign
  • Stop STUFFocation Junk Mail Campaign
  • Take the Green Ribbon Pledge

    Children's Groups
    Our children are our best asset for a better future - and there are programs out there to help kids learn how to help keep their environment healthy.

  • Kids For a Clean Environment (FACE)
  • Lessons for Hope
  • Roots and Shoots

    Peace and Tolerance
    How we treat each other has a direct impact on our environment. Check out these sites that promote peace and tolerance in our society.

  • ReligiousTolerance.Org
  • Tolerance.Org